Leather Pixels

What looks like a cut-out from an old painting is a product of recent times, namely from the winter months of 2012 and 2013. Time spent on an island in winter can be endless. So when a leather designer wishes to devise an answer to the crisis affecting Greece, he takes a soldering iron into his hands and burns dots into leather. For months. Burning the surface of the leather more or less strongly with the hot point makes weaker or stronger dots. Out of that Takis Psarros makes entire - well, almost - paintings. Which are many square metres in size. We all think we know what pixels are. Everyone has a few million of them available on their mobile phone, and with a push of a button are made out of them, digital ones. But what Takis conjures up with his leather pixels is simply not digital, because it is burned in by hand, point or pointer pixel by pixel. Right beside his shop, you can view the metre long leather painting in his workroom. And discuss its millions of pixels with him. But that would not get to the point. The point is thinking of something new and working through it with great meticulousness.


Takis Leather Fashion Store is in the heart of Symi harbour.


Located on the north side of the harbour at the heart of the main port. 200 yards from the clock tower as you walk down inwards. Takis open plan layout right opposite the moored boats is impossible to miss.


We have several rooms for browsing our stock. Lots of space to try on our designs and walk around. Our expert assistants are there to help guide you to the best item that suits you.


Whether you are buying yourself a holiday gift or something to take home with you, we have a large selection of the finest leather products throughout all of Greece.